Deripaska: the case against me is a violation of human rights

Oleg Deripaska called unfounded charges of the U.S. Treasury that it allegedly laundered money.

Against Russian billionaire was imposed personal sanctions in 2018. He sought their removal in the American court, arguing that the prosecution was unfair and illegal.

In the Financial Times published a response to the OFAC (office for foreign assets control of the U.S. Treasury) lawyers Deripaska. The letter listed six points, all with the wording “according to reports,” without source information. For example, it is reported that in 2016 Deripaska “has been identified as one of the persons who own the assets and launder funds in the interests of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin”.

According to Deripaska, the OFAC letter “consists of unsubstantiated accusations and complete nonsense,” rumors and gossip. The American Ministry of Finance there has never been grounds for the imposition of sanctions.

“the Case against me is a violation of human rights and an attempt to use the legal system of the United States for political purposes,” said Deripaska RIA Novosti.