When the schedule includes the main Derby in the country, all the other games automatically go by the wayside. Especially now when both teams have a great motivation. Despite some decline, the army continued to claim a place in the top three, but Spartacus is still able to cling to the Eurocups zone. Just for this it is desirable tomorrow to get three points.

In what condition are you going to showdown “red-white”, more or less clear. The team of Domenico Tedesco, though slightly stumbled in the last round, unable to overcome the “Ufa” (0:0), but football it shows very good quality. As for CSKA, then all is not so simple. First and foremost, it is connected with the situation around head coach of CSKA Viktor Goncharenko.

the Entire week before the Derby with “Dinamo” (0:0) this past Sunday, fans of CSKA was wondering: will remain the coach or not. Immediately after sensitive defeat from “Zenith” (0:4) in the match of 23 Matchday specialist flew to Belarus. The leadership of CSKA tried to convince him to stay at least until the end of the season. But, according to unconfirmed reports, Victor M. was adamant.

What has changed in just a few days of mystery. However, back in Moscow, the coach changed his mind. However, during the game against Dynamo the team was led by he did not, and Sergei Ovchinnikov. However, the Belarusian was present in the stands as a spectator. A little later it was reported that Goncharenko is back to CSKA.

How this whole situation will affect the players “red-blue” – the big question. But there is a feeling that they would not mind if the team remained Ovchinnikov.

– with regard to Ovchinnikova, it works very well with the team, communicates with us. Before today’s game he said that we need to forget about defeat from “Zenith”. He was a great goalkeeper and has charisma. Ovchinnikov need it now, we absorb his recommendations, we love it. Do you guys return Goncharenko? Don’t know nothing I can say – here the words of one of the leaders CSKA Nikola Vlasica immediately after the match with Dynamo.

However, despite all the hoopla surrounding coach of CSKA, “Spartak” in any case can not relax. CSKA showed character in difficult situations. And now, at the crucial period of the season, “red-blue” remains nothing how to forget about all the problems and try to climb in the standings. Or at least, not fall below.

In the second match on Tuesday “the locomotive” accepts “wings of the Soviets”. After his appointment as head coach Marko Nikolic the railwaymen have won two games in a row. And if bloodless “Orenburg” Muscovites on the home field to beat were required, the meeting in Kazan�� with “Rubin” (2:0) made a strong impression. Taking into account not the most complex calendar perfect shape and Aleksey Miranchuk “the locomotive” quite on forces to occupy the second place that will allow you to participate in the Champions League.

Meanwhile, real Madrid became the sole leader of the championship of Spain. In the match 32 th round of the “Royal club” beat Espanyol (1:0) thanks to a goal by Brazilian Casemiro ahead of “Barcelona” on two points.

June 30, Tuesday, Match TV

17.55. “Lokomotiv” – “Wings Of The Soviets”. Video stream.

19.55. CSKA – “Spartak”. Video stream.

July 1, Wednesday, Match TV

14.55. “Ufa” – “Rubin”. Video stream.

17.25. “Tambov” – “Zenit”. Video stream.

19.50. “Rostov” – “Krasnodar”. Video stream.

Match of the Premier

14.55. “Orenburg” – “Ural”. Video stream.

17.25. “Arsenal” – “Ahmad”. Video stream.

19.55. “Sochi” – “Dynamo”. Video stream.