According to him, the United States for an extended period of time consistent policy of rejection of its obligations in the sphere of arms control. Thus, they attempt to provide the conditions for its military dominance in the world, believes the Russian commander.

Fomin recalled that in 2002 the US withdrew from the ABM Treaty (anti-ballistic missile defense), in 2018 – from the Iranian nuclear deal, and in 2019, the year the Americans decided to leave the INF Treaty (INF Treaty – the intermediate-range and shorter-range). Currently, according to Fomina, because of the position of the United States are under the threat of the open skies Treaty and start-3 (strategic offensive arms).

“I would like to comment on the situation with the INF Treaty – the US withdrawal from this agreement we regard as erroneous, and claims that the United States presented Russia, only far-fetched,” said Deputy defense Minister Alexander Fomin.

to Recall the Russian position, the military decided in connection with the release of a controversial memoir, former US presidential Advisor for national security John Bolton. In them he, in particular, commented on the INF Treaty and to discuss this issue with Russian defence Minister Sergei Shoigu.

“In the practice of negotiation is not accepted to disclose the content of confidential discussions, at least without the consent of the other party. But since the author of these memoirs, permitted myself to deviate from these rules, it is fair to comment on some of his theses. The more that is given the data significantly distort the real events,” said Deputy defense Minister Alexander Fomin.

Bolton, according to Fomin, said that Russia was allegedly supported by American arguments about the loss of relevance of the INF Treaty, including the “in connection with the substantial development of nuclear missile programs of China”.

“We believe that the US withdrawal from this agreement had been planned in advance, and the accusations of Russia in violation of the agreement is groundless, – said Alexander Fomin. – With regard to the suggestion of Bolton on the increasing threats from China, would like to emphasize that it is a predictable distortion of facts. The author of the memoirs of the strategic partnership between Russia and China has reached now the highest level in the history of bilateral relations, probably just causes heartburn”.

the Deputy defense Minister noted that our country does not consider China’s activities in the missile field as a security threat and, especially, as the reason for the destruction of the INF Treaty.

“In this connection I wish to emphasize again that the responsibility for the collapse of the INF Treaty lies entirely on US,” concluded Alexander Fomin.

Recall, the destruction of the Treaty on the elimination of intermediate and shorter-range missiles (INF Treaty) occurred in August 2019. IN THE UNITED STATES this decision was justified by the alleged breach of contract on the part of Russia. Washington has accused Moscow of developing and testing prohibited missiles 9М729 (SSC-8 according to NATO classification). In Moscow explained that the missile has allowed a range of less than 500 kilometers.

the INF Treaty was prohibited to produce, test and deploy ballistic and cruise missiles, ground-based medium-range (1000 to 5500 km) and shorter-range (500 to 1000 km), as well as launchers for them.