Deputy Lebedev has offered to donate to the fight against the virus, the salaries of the players

Deputy of the state Duma, a former member of the Executive Committee of the Russian football Union (RFU) Igor Lebedev has commented on the possible initiative of the International football Federation (FIFA) to extend contracts with players and coaches prior to the pending season, transfer transfer Windows and financial assistance to the clubs.

According to Reuters, FIFA has created a working group, which assesses the necessity of appropriate amendments and temporary relief. In addition, the group will consider the ability of clubs to pay players and staff for the pause.

“FIFA offers absolutely right sides of clubs in a pandemic, when almost stopped life in all of Europe and Russia, – quoted Lebedev “Sport-Express”. Sport clubs suffer losses because they are forced to pay salaries to players, and without matches and stadiums do not receive income. If you do not take any measures to transfer all our clubs come with no money – no financial integrity or to buy players.”

At the moment, suspended most of the national competitions and all international tournaments. The leaders of the national League want to resume the Championships in the case of reducing the threat of coronavirus, but many players contracts expire in June.

In this regard, Lebedev proposed to reduce the salaries of Russian players by 30-50 percent, and the money directed on support of national health care. According to him, athletes will treat this with understanding.

“All decisions occur at the level of the clubs, and at their level they have a right to do that. Paying players I offer to chip in and help our country in the fight against coronavirus. Not incomes on deposits in banks, the President was supposed to tax and to offer the players with millions of contracts to give a little bit of money to support Russian health, as in European countries their colleagues are donating millions of dollars and euros to combat the coronavirus,” he added.