Deputies of the state Council of Crimea reported income for 2019

the top Five richest parliamentarians, according to the submitted declarations, is headed by the Deputy from the liberal democratic party, Director of “Crypturellus 2004” Shabel’nikova Svetlana. Compared to 2018, the last year it has increased its income by 43 million to 137 million rubles. In addition, of the 16 plots, ranging from 219 to 1850 square meters, 10 apartments, over twenty residential buildings and premises.

Second place went to Nikolay Yanaki, who was a former Vice-Premier of the Council of Ministers of the Republic, and now works as the Deputy Director for commercial issues of TPK, OOO Centralcentral”. His income last year amounted to 61.8 million rubles. In addition, Nicholas is the owner of seven apartments (ranging from 35,1 to 48.5 square meters) and five non-residential premises.

“Bronze” went to veteran Crimean political scene, President of the Olympic Council of Kazakhstan and adviser on tourism and excursions of the General Director of joint-stock company “Krymtur” Yevgeny Mikhailov. In 2019 he increased last year’s income is almost 12 times up to 30.2 million rubles.

Completing the top five profitable leaders and the newly elected Deputy Director of “New and affordable housing” Oleg Sveshnikov (to 28.6 million) and commercial Director of “Krymavtotrans” (not to be confused with the eponymous state unitary enterprise) Vladimir Demchenko (27,1 million).

Sixth in terms of income among the deputies of the Crimean Parliament became leaders in the first convocation of the state Council Mikhail Smolyanov, who, since 1993, heading the group of companies “Avtodel”: his condition has increased by 26.7 million rubles. The eighth of the parliamentarians, whose income last year exceeded 20 million rubles, was the financial Director of “Partisan” Fyodor Kalin. Compared with 2018, he has increased personal increased 8-fold to 20.8 million rubles.

Between them is the speaker of the Republican Parliament Vladimir Konstantinov: last year it increased its revenue by 3.2% to 22.1 million rubles. According to the Declaration, Vladimir Andreevich also there is a new BMW x7 M50d. The cost of this new machine reaches 11.5 million rubles. New car last year and got the head of the parliamentary Committee on tourism, resorts and sports Alexey Chernyak, logged 2 million 329 thousand rubles of income. His choice fell on the Bentley Continental GT. The starting price of the new auto – 14.3 million rubles. However, on the market for half a million to find the used car 2004 release.

unlike the Chairman of the Crimean Parliament, none of his deputies are not able to significantly increase income. For example, Vladimir Bobkov, the figure for the same period decreased from 5.27 million to 2.43 million, while as his wife, by contrast, rose by 2.5 million to 34.3. By the way, where more rapid, truly revolutionary growth of income showed the wife of another Deputy speaker of Oedipus Gafarov: with 262 thousand rubles in 2018 to 19 million rubles last year.

however, the income of 14 parliamentarians in the past year did not exceed one million rubles. The lowest level of the last – the Deputy from “United Russia”, Director of “Crimean Republican Fund for the protection of the rights of citizens – participants of shared construction” Dmitry cake – 296 thousand rubles. The income of his wife last year, according to the Declaration, made up 4.59 million rubles.

the Five “poor” MPs was the Director of the pharmaceutical company Dmitry Kashirin (393 thousand), Deputy Director of Economics of LLC “Tavria-Bud” Vitaliy Shatunov (478 thousand rubles), Deputy head of the parliamentary Committee on environment and natural resources Yuriy Bulka (500 thousand rubles) and associate Professor of the Humanities Crimean University of Economics and management Valery Lavrov (640 rubles).

two deputies, the newly elected Sergey Erhan and worked in the first convocation Yury Yuryev (both from LDPR), were left without income. At least on paper. Although in 2018 Yuryev declared 399 thousand rubles of income.