The deputies of Petrozavodsk (Karelia) staged a meeting on the puddles in the yard of a house. Formally the discussions were devoted to “organization of drainage for rainwater”. It is reported by Telegram-channel Mash.

The puddle had formed in the yard of the house №31 on Baltic street. The meeting was attended by representatives of the city administration, public services, the management company, as well as Russians living in neighboring houses, reports “Rosbalt”.

During the conversation the officials mentioned error in the design of the 1980-ies — supposedly that is why the water is standing and not going anywhere. Following the meeting a decision was made about the organization of the drainage system, as it turned out, this stretch it at all.

“as the sentences were expressed hardware options additional deviations or special crevices for waste water in the asphalt, but the final technical solution will be taken by experts after carrying out a full examination,” — said the Deputy Andriy Ushakov.

Previously, the utility of Vladimir recognized his helplessness in the face of “perpetual puddle.” “I tried to fight this thing, and reserval, and laid a covering, but the puddle is still there,” said they in response to complaints from local residents.