Liverpool favorite Steven Gerrard gives coach Jürgen Klopp tips after the final defeat in the Champions League on how the club can prepare for the coming years. In particular, a transfer is necessary.

Tip from Gerrard: Former Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard encourages coach Jürgen Klopp to make some changes to the squad after the 1-0 defeat in the Champions League final, as he stressed on BT Sport. “If you think about the next five, six, seven years, Liverpool will need a dominant midfielder,” said the Aston Villa manager. It needs “an eight that can score goals, double digits”.

Too dependent on forwards: Gerrard bases his opinion on the Reds’ current attacking record. The club is “dependent on the three strikers” (Mohamed Salah, Sadio Mané and Luis Díaz). Accordingly, Liverpool “always need one of these midfielders who can go into the penalty area and score goals.”

Mané gone soon? Top star Mané is said to have already announced his departure from Liverpool internally. Thus, he makes room for a new striker or gives the remaining colleagues more space to prove their achievements again.

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