What to do with students, if the city authorities frankly said first and second change in camps will not. The regions are not ready to take in the resorts of boys and girls. The conduct of the city program “Moscow change” risky appearance of foci of disease. Therefore, if a camp, it is not until the third shift in August. So, where to go poor Muscovite?

However, there is good news. Russian tour operators resumed booking hotels at home in his native country. Offer many options for family holidays from mid June. For example, tickets to Krasnodar, Sochi, Mineralnye Vody, Gelendzhik and Anapa now it does not exceed one thousand rubles per person, and the price of triple rooms in the hotel for seven days starts from 15 thousand rubles. Thus, the Moscow family with one child can be accommodated on the Black sea coast, spending no more than 30 thousand rubles. “Last year, the most popular destinations among families with children was Sochi, Simferopol, Saint Petersburg and Krasnodar. The average cost of a ticket for travel from 1 June to 31 August amounted to 7 400 rubles”, – reminded Elena Shelekhova, head of the press service for travel planning OneTwoTrip.

But Muscovites have understood: to make for the month ahead cautiously. Many of the holiday decided to just give up, say I’m over during isolation. Here and surveys research holding “ROMIR” show in April, more than half (51%) of residents of the capital have decided to reschedule the vacation at a later time. Everyone who is giving or the opportunity to rent a country house plan and that is where to spend a vacation, says Dmitry of Valiano, head of Department of internal tourism company “stay-cation”. In March to lease land in the suburbs have become 14% more than last year. “Go to the dacha is an opportunity for many to ride out the epidemic in safety to enjoy the outdoors or work on distance”, – says the Deputy Director of Department of rent of apartments INKOM-Nedvizhimost Oksana Polyakova. According to her, this year comes in two times more applications for rental of country cottages and cottages for the summer. Muscovites it is important to be near a forest and river, bath, on-site grocery stores and pharmacies within walking distance. Consider ekonomskiot – up to 50 thousand rubles per month, and big-budget.

Those who still can’t wait to go on a long journey, the head of Rospotrebnadzor Anna Popova reminds us that in the conditions of epidemic vacation abroad, it is better not to plan. Tour operators will launch its first overseas tours at the best in August. Yes, Montenegro, Turkey, Greece, Croatia, Bulgaria, Cyprus and Thailand are planning to start a tourist season from 1 June. But in terms of poprealinosti of coronavirus Russian tour operators had announced the cancellation of all overseas tours in June, said the Association of tour operators of Russia. Companies offer to postpone the trip and use the already made payment for the purchase of rounds at a later date.

Experts are hard: safer to plan a trip to Russia. Especially as Muscovites is traditionally high interest to St. Petersburg, with its cultural and excursion tourism, well and beach resorts on the Black sea, Azov sea, Caspian sea and even the Baltic sea, as well as health and recreation. The authorities of Krasnodar region has announced that from 1 June in the region will begin to open treatment-and-prophylactic sanatorium with melitensia. However, walking outside will be banned, and if a camper finds an infection, the pension will be transferred in mode observation for two weeks. Among the innovations is the selection of adventure tours that offer tour operators. Travel into the forests and mountains where there is never a mass congestion of people. Andrei Ignatyev, President of the Russian Union of travel industry (PCT), advises the public to look at Karelia, the Altai region, Baikal, Caucasus, Kamchatka and Sakhalin.