Prime minister Mette Frederiksen (S) presents on Monday evening, the government’s plan for how Denmark should be opened up again after the shutdown as a result of the corona virus.

It happens at a press conference in the galerie des glaces hall in the prime minister’s office.

Mette Frederiksen, calling it “the first tentative stage” in a reopening, which will be activated 15. april, if the trend of coronapandemien will continue as planned.

Here follows the actions and the various stages, as the government plans:

* In the “first phase”, they can at least get in the nursery, kindergartens, fritidsinstitution and school. The case of school pupils from the 0. to 5. class.

Children and adults should be as much out, as it can be done. They have to keep a distance, to be cleaned, and if one is sick, one should stay at home.

* in the private sector to a certain extent, meeting at work, again, provided that it takes place health firmly.

* upper Secondary education for pupils in the final level needs to be reopened, in order that they can complete their training for the summer. It applies to 3.g, 2.hf, eux-pupils and ASF classes (Autism Spectrum Disorders).


* at the same time, the closure of several businesses extended. It happens to all parts of the society are not open at the same time.

* the Government will, for example, extend the closure of cafés, bars, restaurants, hairdressers and masseurs in the four weeks up to 10. may.

When these need to be opened again, the government will look at in the “next phase” of the reopening of Denmark.

* upper Secondary education are still kept physically closed.