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the family counselling offices have been closed for one and a half week, something that has already be marked well in many families with shared care for the children.

Despondent over the situation

Mental health stated that they have received many inquiries about the problem the last time.

Smittevernhensyn have the last days been a frequently used argument when there is a disagreement about visitation, tell the Sigrid the Island of Mull, who is the deputy leader of the organization.

They call us and tell that they don’t get to have contact with their children, because the hovedomsorgen is afraid of infection, she says to NRK.

Many are in despair over the situation.

Mull emphasizes that they are aware that they can only get one side of the story when the parents call to them.

– We take no position as to who should have the care of the child or not, but understand that this is difficult, ” she says.

a Lot of uncertainty

Attorney Renathe Danielsen has barnerett and family law as his specialty. She is the mediator in many conflicts between parents after a divorce in which the care for the children is in focus.

– REQUIRES GOOD COOPERATION: Renathe Danielsen, has long experience with the ministry of children and family law.

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After that the family counselling offices and schools were closed, she was early approached by parents who felt that the child was quarantined in their second home.

– Many people are uncertain about how they will practice the agreements previously entered into, ” she says.

the Lawyer has been in contact with the Norwegian institute of public health for guidance in the current issues.

If the child is in quarantine at the one of their parents, but live in the same municipality as the others, to barneavtalen followed.

– This is under the assumption that the child does not have symptoms of koronasmitte, ” says Danielsen to NRK.

Conflicts blusser up

Extra difficult is it for them that haven’t come in the harbor with an appointment.

Then it is up to the parents to find a solution in the context of the situation that has arisen.

Several of these parents are in a so-called høykonflikt, and have problems cooperating in the first place.

When familievernkontoret in addition is closed, the balls it fast the experience the lawyer.

Her advice is to give a little extra as long as the situation is in progress.

Now is the time for the cease-fire. This requires that parents are able to cooperate with each other, ” says the lawyer.

Working with to find the solutions

Even Tengesdal, managing director at Familievernkontoret in Skien, says that efforts are being made to find alternative solutions so parents can get help.

He encourages at the same time people to go a bit extra in himself forward.

– We have no authority to cut through and decide something. One must relate to the conditions that apply and the agreements previously entered into, ” he says.

The same mean Vegard Høgli, medisinskfaglig advisor at Skien kommune.

Vegard Høgli, medisinskfaglig advisor at Skien kommune.

Photo: Richard Aune / NRK

He sees it not as problematic that children can move between the homes, as long as they are healthy.

Smittevernfaglig we need to think about the child’s best interests and look at both omsorgspersonene as a device, he believes.

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