Former GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain attended the first Trump rally since the Covid-19 pandemic and now he’s in the hospital. Democrats have been unable to resist connecting the two.

Cain was hospitalized on Wednesday, two days after testing positive for the coronavirus, according to a statement posted to the pizza magnate turned politician turned pundit’s Twitter on Thursday.

While his symptoms were said to be “serious,” he was not put on a ventilator and is “resting comfortably,” the tweet continued. His team asked Cain’s followers to pray for him and fellow coronavirus sufferers.

We are sorry to announce that Herman Cain has tested positive for COVID-19, and is currently receiving treatment in an Atlanta-area hospital. Please keep him, and all who are battling this virus, in your prayers.Our full statement appears below. Updates to follow.

However, Cain had tweeted his support for South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem’s decision not to mandate social distancing or mask-wearing for the audience at President Donald Trump’s upcoming Independence Day celebration at Mount Rushmore, declaring Americans were “FED UP!” about mask requirements just hours before he was taken to the hospital.

Worse, the radio host was photographed grinning – maskless! – surrounded at a less-than-social distance by fellow Trump fans at the president’s June 20 rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Surely, some on social media ventured, Cain and his full-throated support for the US reopening should serve as a cautionary tale. They called for the president to cancel his Independence Day rally.

Herman Cain, 74, now has Coronavirus. Not good. Socially distance, wear a mask. And under no circumstances be inside with lots of people raising their voices in close quarters.

If #HermanCain dies, I wonder if the family will have the courage to sue @realDonaldTrump for his gross negligence in holding a rally during a global pandemic?

Others went even further, openly snarking that Cain’s hospitalization was somehow comeuppance for his opposition to coronavirus orthodoxy. “Herman Cain brought this on himself,” sneered one person.

My Wife, just now, about Herman Cain hospitalized after not wearing a mask at trump’s rally: “Maybe he’s got karma in his IV drip.”Can’t argue with that. 😏

Though some tried to couch their mockery in concern.

It’s good Herman Cain was able to get this tweet out before being admitted to the hospital with COVID-19.(Seriously, I wish him and anyone else who’s sick a speedy recovery, but this kind of stupidity is literally killing people.)

Hitting back, people on the right did highlight the raging hypocrisy of liberals whose conception of “Black Lives Matter” stopped at party lines.

LIBS: Black lives matter.Herman Cain tests positive for COVID-19LIBS: Hope he dies.

At 74 years old, Cain – who survived Stage 4 colon cancer in 2006 – fell into a high-risk group for Covid-19, and health authorities remain bitterly divided on whether wearing even an N95 medical-grade mask protects healthy people from the coronavirus. Additionally, despite the cascade of liberal “I told you so”s, there was no indication Cain got sick at the Tulsa rally.

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