And yet come together in Berlin to the left extreme groups in order to make with Chaos and violence on their interests carefully. So unknown arsonists in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg lit in the night to Thursday, the company car of a technology company. In the car a total damage, the police announced. On Monday, an anonymous user known on the extreme left-wing news website “Indymedia” to the fact.

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The Person wrote in the post that they wanted to contribute by such action, in the case of a coming economic crisis, “the Right to lose”. Namely, the “profiteers of Monitoring”, so the people who would allegedly benefit from the current output limitations. The left-anarchists wrote in the post: “Even in times of declared or anticipatory output, we will sabotage lock the gears of the capitalist system and break the silence.”

demonstration with 60 participants

A suspected arson and a non-logged-in Demonstration on Friday evening in Berlin-Friedrichshain for several hours, police taken care of inserts. First of all, have burned in the Riga road a bike that was stored in a cardboard box, as opposed to 22 at a non-notified demonstration with 60 participants then moved through the quarter. Half an hour had been held in the Riga street, Talking. From one of the houses was left, according to the “Indymedia”-users of a Banner with the inscription “Our solidarity against Isolation” down.

Despite its explicit appeal to the city of Berlin, to behave sensibly and to avoid groups, gathered left-wing protesters in number – and wondered, when, on output restrictions were prescribed. So an anonymous user on Sunday evening, wrote in “Indymedia”: “We are angry that the Berlin Senate has issued additional Curfews, this must not go unchallenged!”

the Arm of the platform from the protection of the Constitution prohibited

And resistance is expected in the next few weeks. For left-wing extremists, the imposed output restrictions and no-Contact orders are “authoritarian and non-alternative”. The write user on “Indymedia”. Again and again it is claimed in the turmoil of texts that the state wanted to demonstrate with the regulations of his Power, and it is called the resistance.

The Online-platform “Indymedia” is known as a medium of Exchange for left wing extremist content. In 2017, the baden-württemberg Arm of the platform is prohibited “in the bottom Left Indymedia” from the protection of the Constitution, and dissolved.

Falko Liecke (CDU), Deputy district mayor of Berlin-Neukölln, is worried by the incidents. To told FOCUS Online: “Regardless of whether left-wing extremists demonstrate, or feel the need to gather. With a view to the protection of health it is now, without exception, to not allow crowds of people come.“

CDU-man Liecke: “groups have now just had a run of bad luck”

The CDU politician is itself affected by the ignorance of the left-wing extremists. For the 17. April is provided in his district, the eviction of the left-hand scene-a Bar “the syndicate,” he says. The left-wing groups have already called for a Demonstration against the resolution, the politicians. “Currently, the collections of 50 people are banned, that is why I have already announced, to have such a Demo to dissolve,” says Liecke. Then you would have accused him to exploit the present Situation.

However, for the CDU-politician from Berlin-Neukölln, only one is currently: “We must protect the population, and there are no exceptions. It is a clear statement, and because these groups have had just bad luck.“

FDP-politician Meyer: “This must not remain without consequences,”

Also Christian Meyer, the Chairman of the Berlin FDP, condemned the excesses of the last few days. He told FOCUS Online: “The Berlin Senate has for years been blind in the left eye. Especially the verges company Tung fantasies and socialism dreams of the Left and the Greens have prepared the breeding ground for these nasty deeds. How ruthless the arsonist and left-wing vandals really are, now, because our free society is fighting the Corona-crisis.“

“This must not remain without consequences”, the FDP-man. “The rule of law must with all available means against these violent excess to the military. This starts with a clear distancing of policy-makers in the Senate and the district, and must have consistent Action.“

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