Protesters in Beirut broke into the Ministry building and energy, where he demanded the resignation of the President of Lebanon and other persons with managerial positions.

“We demand the resignation of Lebanese President Michel Aoun, Parliament speaker Nabih Berri and Prime Minister Hassan Diab”, – TASS quoted one of the demonstrators.

He said that in the country all led by “mafia and the Shiite party Hezbollah.

“the Lebanese people are demanding an early election and conduct the trial of corrupt officials and those responsible for the tragedy caused by the explosion August 4 at the seaport of Beirut,” said a protester.

Earlier, Prime Minister of Lebanon Hassan Diab, referring to the inhabitants of the country against the backdrop of unrest, announced early parliamentary elections.

The protesters in Beirut have already occupied the building of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Lebanon, the protesters staged a symbolic “execution” of the country’s political leaders. Later stormed two other ministries.

Anti-government rally in Beirut began on Saturday at 16.00, the demonstrators clashed outside the Parliament building in the city centre with the police. It is reported that during the riots killed one militiaman.