hundreds of tenants in the Zurich large development brunau Park are desperate. You have received the notice, you must leave the apartments that were for decades in your home. For example, the family Bollag. “We live here since 1982 here in the Brunau,” complains Rafael Bollag (70). “It hurts that we have to get out of here.”

On the large area brunau Park in the vicinity of the shopping center Sihlcity is a pattern, as it is in Switzerland is becoming more common: A large real estate owner or Investor decides to repeat itself, a whole Building demolish and build at the same place, a new, high-density settlement. In the case of the brunau Park, it is the pension Fund of a major Bank, Credit Suisse (CS), which wants to mix with a large trowel.

Known first plans were by the end of 2018, spring 2019, the first redundancies were made. At the Moment the application for planning permission, the Start of the Work for the first phase of construction for 2020 planned, the CS, runs the pension Fund on request. After: For tenants over the age of 65, there is a special Advisory body.

“Hard to find, something Equivalent to”

the plans: 240 existing apartments will be demolished, 500 new units. Are affected approximately 400 residents who now have to find a new place to Stay. Not an easy thing: “It is for us as for all the other very hard to find something Equivalent to,” explains Bollag. The Problem is that The new apartments are expected to be around 1,000 Swiss francs more expensive. Family Bollag, it is important that you can remain in the vicinity of their synagogue.

The tenants fight back against the layoffs, go to the barricades – and now even international support. Lawyer Leilani Farha (50), UN special Rapporteur on the right to adequate Housing, was on Friday evening, the entire San Bernadino Area, including a hairdresser shop, a multi-storey Migros supermarket and pharmacy show. A VIEW was expressed, as Farha with affected tenants. “This is crazy”, to upset the canadian. “Here, intact houses that have received a couple of years ago with new kitchens and bathrooms to be demolished, easy.”

of all things, a pension Fund

Especially, does it bother you that a pension Fund here in great style, the excavator driving. “That’s scary.” The pension Fund of CS writes: “to be able to pay pensions, to achieve each of the pension Fund with sufficient income.” This includes investments in various assets, including real estate module.

Farha will not appease. You want to intervene at the highest point: “I think to myself, in a Letter to the Swiss and the Zurich government, my concern is to say that here the international Standards for human rights to be respected in any way.”

One who will fight through all instances, is the former Zurich financial chief Willy Küng (77). He is confident that he can remain in his apartment. “This planning is going to fail,” says Küng. For legal reasons, but also because of the many Objections from the neighborhood. “We will wait until the CS ruins the whole thing”, the old city Council confident of victory.

One of the victims has already won: Orhan Sylqevci (37), owner of the Barber shop in the brunau Park. On Friday, he was desperate to know how he will get out to the 35’000 francs which he had invested three years ago in his Shop, ever again. But since yesterday, he has a reason to celebrate: Surprisingly, he found a new shop in a Prime location in Zurich’s city center.

It runs mostly as: investment companies, or pension funds to buy angejahrte settlements and housing blocks. The buildings to be demolished or renovated. Long term tenants are pushed out, as from the Zurich Brunau settlement. Renovations also in Zurich’s Seefeld district, the Rents become prohibitive. In 2017, the pension Fund of the Zürcher Kantonalbank announced Strasse 33 tenants at the Zolliker, to renovate the property. At that time, Rents were between 1500 and 2000 Swiss francs. Starting in July, the apartments are re-rented – most of the cost now with the 4000 francs. At the beginning of June a VIEW of Sabrina Müller* (52, photo), who lived 21 years in the settlement and then had to get out reported. Support for the apartment you have get hardly. Today she lives outside of Zurich – an apartment in the city can no longer afford them. She says: “I feel uprooted.” Also the residents of a settlement in Regensdorf ZH has been canceled because the Building will be demolished in the fall. Thereafter, newly built, Rents are on the rise. * Name has been changed Maren Meyer