Greenpeace activists protested in front of the FDP headquarters on Sunday. 50 activists gathered on one side and a luxury car was parked on the other. The campaign is intended to draw attention to a necessary climate ticket.

A day before the special meeting of the transport ministers, environmental activists demonstrated in front of the FDP headquarters in Berlin-Mitte for a climate ticket. On Sunday they again called for the tax exemption for company cars to be abolished. Under the motto “Mr. Lindner: 1 company car or 50 climate tickets?” They parked a luxury car in one lane in front of the federal headquarters, and 50 people lined up in the opposite lane. A total of around 100 people took part in the campaign, Greenpeace said.

“The promotion of a Porsche 911 as a company car costs the state as much money as the subsidy for 50 climate tickets for a maximum annual price of 365 euros,” said the environmental association. Greenpeace again called on Federal Finance Minister Christian Linder (FDP) to abolish tax aid for company cars. The money could be used to finance affordable climate tickets for millions of people, emphasized Greenpeace traffic expert Marissa Reiserer. “This saves CO2 and at the same time relieves poorer people.”

On Monday, the state transport ministers, chaired by Bremen, will discuss with Federal Minister Volker Wissing (FDP) a possible successor model to the 9-euro ticket in local transport.

Almost one million euros have disappeared from the vault of a branch of the Düsseldorfer Kreissparkasse. The case is now before the court. The savings bank is arguing with the insurance company.

Bad incident in Braunschweig: A girl wanted to pay for her bus ticket with a 20-euro note. However, because the bus driver couldn’t change it, he threw the ten-year-old out at the next bus stop. The BSVG emphasizes that this should not have happened.

A dishwasher that opened by itself put a 22-year-old woman in a hopeless situation in her bathroom in Baden-Württemberg.