In her biography, “Inside Out” revealed Demi Moore (56), that she had cheated on her first husband Freddy Moore (69) the night before the wedding. In 1980, the then 18-Year-old slipped in with a bottle of Dom Perignon from your own bachelorette Party thereof – in the apartment of actor Paul Carafotes (56) to emerge.

The two had met the same year on the Set of the film “Choices”. In the Film they played a couple in Love. With the British newspaper “Daily Mail” said Carafotes about his night with Moore. “I think she wanted to have a last Highlight with me before you married,” he says. “She was funny and charming, different than the other Girls. In the case of the samples of our scenes we found that we liked us very much. Then we had an affair, so some indiscretions in the wardrobe on the Set and in my apartment. I was 21, she 18. Something like this ever happened.”


it was wild,” The night of the 7. February 1980 has remained unforgettable. “I had worked 18 hours on the Set and was properly broken. I’ve already slept, when the phone rang. It was Demi, and she wanted to come over. I said, “I’m already in bed, it is not a good time” and I hung up.” However, Moore was not so easily fobbed off and called again.

Carafotes gave in: “I said to her that I open the kitchen window and the fire escape in the 3rd Stock can come up – if you really want to come over. Then I turned over and fell back to sleep.” He woke up, as Moore with a bottle of champagne in front of his bed: “I was shocked that she was there. She said: “Let’s make a Party.” She was wild.”

“can’t you get Married tomorrow?”

So wild that his roommate was awake. “He asked Demi “can’t you get Married tomorrow? You’re not Catholic?” You just said “Yes, of course.” He just nodded and went back to his bed.” The next Morning, Carafotes had to Wake you up from deep sleep: “I just said: “Hey, you’ve got a wedding today”. She is high-charged jump and get out.”

Carafotes that he felt at the time, guilty of something, with the fiance of another man’s Sex, “But we were young, and she was incredibly good in bed. It was just too hard to resist.”

In her biography, writes Moore, that you had prior to your wedding doubts as to whether you want to give your Future really the Yes-word. “I have not contacted me with my Doubt in the man I the Rest of my life wanted to spend. Because I have to admit otherwise would, that I wanted to distract myself with the wedding of my grief over the death of my father.”

Moore didn’t want to sabotage your marriage from the beginning””. The first marriage of Demi Moore was divorced in 1985. Two years later, the actress Bruce Willis (64), married. (ds/kad)