Demi Moore (56) reveals in her memoirs that Ashton Kutcher (41) cheated on her during the marriage. However, the actress was in the past being unfaithful: In “Inside Out”, she reveals that she had gone the night before her first wedding foreign. In 1980, the then 18-Year-old had given the 13-year-elderly musician Freddy Moore (69), the Yes-word.

And, although she had serious doubts that she really wanted to marry. She writes in her book: “And what have I done? I have not contacted me with my Doubts about the man I wanted to spend the Rest of my life. Because I have to admit otherwise would, that I wanted to distract myself with the wedding of my grief over the death of my father.”

Moore wanted to sabotage your marriage from the beginning “”

The Hollywood Star writes: “I had the feeling that there was no room for doubt. I could not get out of the marriage, but I could sabotage it.” Moore sneaked away in the evening before the wedding with the excuse that you had to write your vows, from your own hen’s night: “Then I called a guy I had met on a film set. I am then drove to his apartment.”

The “Striptease”actress had met at the age of 16, the then 29-year-old Moore, when he was still married to his first wife, Lucy. “I was a selfish Teenager, who grew up without much respect for the Covenant of marriage. Therefore, I jumped just in Freddy’s life, without really much thought to his wife.” The first marriage of Demi Moore was divorced in 1985. Two years later, the actress Bruce Willis (64), married.

In “Inside Out,” writes Demi Moore, among others, about their fight against alcohol and drugs, a miscarriage, which she suffered during the marriage with Ashton Kutcher and her traumatic Childhood and youth. As a 15-Year-old she was raped by an acquaintance of her alcoholic mother, Virginia King. (ds/kad)