A sushi restaurant in Japan has become a viral sensation after its shirtless ‘delivery machos’ who bring internet orders to customers created a bombshell effect on social media.

Masanori Sugiura, a third-generation owner of the 60-year-old sushi restaurant Imazushi in Anjo has found an innovative approach to restore his pandemic-hit business, by hiring professional bodybuilders to deliver food to his clients.

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Sugiura’s business was severely affected by the Covid-19 crisis, with its usual revenue of 100 million yen ($940,000) for the April-June quarter dropping to just 10 million yen.

A sushi restaurant in Japan is trying to boost sluggish demand by sending shirtless bodybuilders to deliver food to its customers

The 41-year-old, who is a bodybuilder himself, invited his friends to provide delivery services while they were out of work during the pandemic.

Upon delivering food the ‘machos’ take off their shirts displaying their buff figures and striking bodybuilding poses right in front of customers, who are allowed to take pictures, while, of course, observing social distancing.

The combination of fresh sushi and hot bodies has been welcomed by Japanese clients as the restaurant’s enquiries skyrocketed and the monthly earnings from the service bringing about 1.5 million yen ($14,000).

To have a bodybuilder delivering their food customers need to order a minimum of 7,000 yen of food ($66).