delivered by a Surrogate mother for a gay couple of twins with a difference in three years. Reported by the Daily Mail.

the 50-year-old resident of the English County of Sussex Alan Coates (Alan Coates) and his 45-year-old husband al Watt (Watt Al) have long dreamed to have children. A few years ago men found a suitable surrogate mother for their child. She was their old friend 41-year-old Annie Peverell (Annie Peverelle). “We met her in 2014, in a clinic for surrogate mothers and immediately became friends. Annie explained to us how the procedure of artificial insemination,” — said Coates.

In 2016 with put a pair in a sperm Bank and a donor egg, Purewell conducted a procedure of artificial insemination, but the attempt was unsuccessful. “It was a big blow for all of us. However, Annie was very supportive of us and said that they are ready to try again,” admitted Alan. In 2017, the woman again brought the procedure of IVF, which became pregnant and gave birth for men first daughter Beatrice (Beatrice).

within two years, Coates and Watt maintained friendly relations with Purewell, and in 2019, she agreed to make for the couple to have another baby conceived from frozen after the birth of Beatrice of the embryo. Fertilization was successful and recently came to light Otto (Otto), which, in fact, can be considered the twin of his older sister.

“Becoming a parent is incredible. Despite the fact that our history with surrogacy comes to an end, we will continue to be friends with Annie. We are grateful to her for what she helped to make our dream a reality,” said Coates. The man admitted that being a father is difficult, but it’s worth it.

Peverell believes that to see the happy faces of the parents is the best reward for her. She noted that Coates and Watts took care of her throughout both pregnancies. She’s happy to have met them and hopes that their friendship will continue for years to come.

Earlier it was reported about the inhabitant of the USA, which has agreed to become a surrogate mother for her daughter and gave birth to their own grandchildren. Children were born on 36 week of pregnancy — a week before a planned cesarean section.