In Tatarstan there is a educational project “Factory of business”. Business with name from all over the country to give master classes to those who decided to change life and to open his own business. Break in the program for adults, the organizers of the project decided to try to open such a course now for children. The first issue of the children’s “factory” took place in 2018.

– my friend called for a “Factory business”, – said Daniyar. – I have actually long had a dream to work for themselves. And then the first child thread, where we were set the task to create your own business project. But ideas than we could do, was not. At first I thought to do some reselling. But truly wise counsel, which then changed my whole life, was prompted by the grandmother. She said: “You so love to eat different cheeses, so try to produce them”.

Daniyar Gumarova lucky that grandparents – a private house. In the apartment where the teenager lives with his mother, to organize the manufacture of cheese would be problematic. It all began with the so-called “village cheeses”, which laid the egg, flour, sour cream, butter and milk. It all churned by hand, and it turned out a good genuine product. The boy decided not to go, and sell farm products, that is, among the same participants. That is, within the educational course. It went successfully.

the program Organizers have chosen the business idea, which is the most earned during training. And it turned out that Daniyar earned about 40 thousand rubles, which was a record. And then Gumarova lucky again. In order to be a winner, it was necessary to protect the project, including before the President of Tatarstan. In the end, the teenager received a grant for the development of its business in the amount of 300 thousand rubles. With the master – pastry chef Sergei Akulicheva was developed, the future strategy of the sales of cheese, mainly through social networks. The winnings young entrepreneur purchased a vacuum vessel, a huge cheese maker, fridge, other necessary equipment and by the end of last year the production was started. He and my mother held a lot of workshops on how to produce different cheeses, and today their range reaches up to 15 species.

In a week the family can produce up to 40 pounds excellent products. In the Arsenal of soft cheeses, delicatessen, semi-hard, mold. From semi – caciocavallo, canestrato, caciotta, soft cheeses exhaust – burrata, Mozarella, Chechil.

the Parmesan, and Maasdam is not yet out. For hard cheeses you need a special leaven. And a separate workshop. Despite the high price, I have a buyer. People like that I really exclusive products, and someOrta similar to delicious Swiss cheeses, says Daniyar. – Prices we also take not from the ceiling. First calculate the cost, then labour costs and everything is prolonged in order to obtain a small profit.

once the boy was 14 years old, on his own initiative became self-employed. So the authorities decided to provide outlets in the agro-industrial Park, which was conceived in order to sell farm products. After Gumarova got its own point of sale, the situation changed dramatically came up with our own clientele. By the way, the price tag on the product, not so little. Cheese, soft cheese costs about 400 rubles, and the most expensive comes to two thousand per kilo.

Daniyar admits that he likes to earn at 14 years of a lot of money. More than gets his mother – the chief accountant:

– What do the peers? Playing computer games and dreaming of a new car as soon as they turn 18! I may be less time to his entertainment, but clearly understand that he will be able to buy a car to his manhood. And this is not a dream.