Anna Netrebko

for more than two weeks, the 48-year-old Anna Netrebko and her 43-year-old husband Yusif Eyvazov are traveling to Italy. There the pair went on tour — Opera singers have been performing in many Italian cities.

free from the concerts time, the wife hard at enjoying architecture, culture and beauty of the Mediterranean country. The pair have already visited in Naples, went to the picturesque island of Capri, walked around Venice, Florence, Verona, and finally arrived in Rome. The Italian capital is particularly memorable for the couple: it was here that they met six and a half years ago.

Anna Netrebko and Yusif Eyvazov

Despite the heat, the couple walk a lot. Anna is willing to share the videos, which shows local landmarks and tells about the beauty of the cities.

Netrebko said that now Italy appears to be empty: because of the coronavirus still closed many hotels and people on the streets a little unusual. But this has its advantages — no need to stand in long queues to get into famous museums.

do Not deny yourself Netrebko and Eyvazov in local cuisine and love to experiment with various Italian treats.

In Italy, the couple will stay a few more days — August 6 and 9, they will perform in Rome, and the 12th will go to Palermo. Russian fans of couples who are not able to get to the speech of the spouses, we regret not being able to see a couple concerts live, but I thank the stars that she shares excerpts in their social networks.

many thanks that you were given the opportunity to visit with you at that concert, what a show and what talent!

Thank you for the fact that we at least have the opportunity to listen to you! Thanks for the video!

as much As I wanted to be there!

— write Netrebko her fans.