Diplomatic representation urged to pay attention to TV programs with pseudo content.

In the Russian Embassy appealed to the state Department of the United States with appeals to stop trying to rewrite the historical realities of the past, devalued the contribution of the Soviet Union in the victory over the Nazis and stopping the Holocaust, which in fact was decisive.

“In the 75th anniversary of the great Victory, the Department of state engaged in yet another cynical attempt to rewrite history”, – stated in the message of the diplomatic corps in Facebook.

The Embassy urged US not to allow the broadcast on national television, “knowingly false and unworthy” programs that attempt to distort the legacy of the war time.

Informed the veteran of the Second World war from the United States shared that he believes the rewriting of history is totally unacceptable and pointed out that “truth can only be one”, noting that not listen to the media in this matter.