Defined benefit from pandemic coronavirus types of housing

the Difficult situation in Russia due to the spread of the coronavirus, can have a positive impact on the markets and country resort real estate. This is stated in the materials published on the website of the analytical center “Indicators of real estate market” (IRN).

“at the very beginning of the epidemic, realtors have noted a high demand for suburban rent — to isolate themselves in nature is much nicer than in a city apartment. Most likely, fears the second or third wave of the epidemic will support demand for rental houses and cottages and next summer,” — analysts say. In their opinion, the market for the sale of the suburban real estate can also benefit from the pandemic and coronavirus increased the attractiveness of “fence” as a safer type of housing during disasters.

Besides, according to experts, in Russia there is a surge in investment demand for resort real estate: the objects on the Black sea coast will definitely be in demand due to the closure of borders. “And it is hardly just this year: fall in revenues as a result of freezing of the economy and the devaluation of the ruble will make Russian resorts alternative choice for a significant part of citizens”, — concluded the expert.

In March, it was reported that the coronavirus has increased the demand for housing in a number of countries. Currently, investors are first of all interesting objects in the United States, the Caribbean, Spain, UK and Germany.