the Swedish football goes against the corona-guidelines.

The Swedish Football association put up to play matches, while the country’s sports federations do the opposite.

It writes TT.

the Associated type in its guidelines under the coronakrisen, that it is in order to play matches and have physical contact, and it is contrary to The Swedish Idrætsforbunds (RF) recommendations.

Here, one will not bow to the recommendations, the country’s sports federations has come up with during the coronakrisen.

“They’ve made their own judgment,” said the RF president, Björn Eriksson.

it Stands to RF, you should not play games or have physical contact during training. You must like to work out – without physical contact – but not playing matches.

Björn Eriksson stresses, however, to Göteborgs-Posten that it is up to each confederation to decide where the border goes.

Sweden has in general had a more relaxed approach to coronaudbruddet, than one experiences in Denmark.

The past few weekends is a sea of test matches in football, for example, been the game, just like the limit for how many people, there must be unified, are higher than at home.

The best Swedish superliga should have begun in the beginning of april, but is just as so many other leagues around the world has been put on pause.

at Home is the League also put on pause indefinitely.