“It would simply be better for Ms. Lambrecht if she gave up voluntarily. Anyone who doesn’t even manage to order ammunition and finds it difficult to buy some American fighter jets is simply not up to the job,” said the CSU chairman of the “Bild”.

Most recently, there had been resentment about the sluggish procurement of equipment and weapons for the Bundeswehr, which had not gotten off to a good enough start after the start of the Russian war of aggression in Ukraine. The Minister of Defense in particular is criticized for this – especially by the CSU. Lambrecht had announced on Tuesday that the next meeting of the budget committee on December 14 would include the ordered F-35 stealth jets.

Söder gave the federal government a bad report overall. “The traffic light did not meet the expectations of the Germans. A coalition of departure has become a traffic light that flashes wildly,” said the prime minister of the newspaper.