Federal councillor Viola Amherd (56) has answered his desire. After the expenses affair in the army, the defence Minister, corps commander Daniel Baumgartner (57) to Washington added. There, he will have a defence attaché for the new year, as announced last week.

Deeper Position, same pay

The exchange over the big pond means a professional step backwards. In the wallet, Baumgartner will not get to feel the career break. Such as the “Tages-Anzeiger” reported, the Three-star General continues his annual salary of just under 300’000 Swiss francs, although he is downgraded on the paper of the wage level 36 – the third – highest in the Federal-level 29. This would equate to a wage of almost 190’000 Swiss francs.

the reason is the Federal personnel regulation. It holds that an employee in the case of involuntary reassignment to a lower Position, is entitled to the same wages as before. According to the defense Department, the Federal Council Baumgartner has granted an acquis of four years on his wages.

corps commander Baumgartner was advised because of the expense excesses in his ranks into the shot. Boisterous celebrations with Alpine bitter-orgies on poor costs gold coins as gifts, Free helicopter excursions for the women of the army squad: report of findings of the Zurich-based former public Prosecutor Cornel Borbély, who was investigating the affair in order to upper field physician Andreas Stettbacher, revealed Controversial. A disciplinary investigation was carried out, the Baumgartner, although relieved. But the affair scratched his credibility within the army.

boss 50’000 Swiss francs earned less

In the case of the employees in the defence, but also in the Department of foreign Affairs, the Baumgartner new also, the wage scheme is not good at all. The decision of the Federal Council was severely criticized, reported the “Tages-Anzeiger” with reference to internal sources.

For resentment is likely to provide the wage discussion, in particular, also to Baumgartner’s new place of employment Washington. Because the corps commander earns more than his new boss. The Valais Jacques Pitteloud, a former secret agent and the Director for resources in the Department of foreign Affairs, assumes the post in the summer of the Embassy. He will earn according to the “Tages-Anzeiger” about 50’000 Swiss francs less than his subordinate.

Pitteloud and Baumgartner know already from your time in the military intelligence service and liked sometimes not very. The wage differential is unlikely to contribute to the improvement of your relationship. (lha)