Declassified Russian illegal: many abroad shuddered

really loud statement was made by the Director of the foreign intelligence Service Sergei Naryshkin. The SVR was unveiled just seven Soviet (and now Russian) intelligence-illegals. Although their portraits published for the first time, someone could flicker a thought: somewhere, some of them we have already seen. It is.

Logo of the foreign intelligence Service? We are located in the building where we set up a meeting with “illegals”. This man right here. Please note: the picture is almost completed, and the signature is still there. How you can apply?

– Pavel Andreevich.

– Pavel Andreevich, you the spy?

– you See Jura…

not really I have no Yura, no he was not a “p. A.”, and the Hero of Russia, Colonel Yury Shevchenko, whose photo was recently made public.

Or, for example, once we waited at a cafe and waited for a female illegal immigrant Lyudmila Ivanovna Nonino. Its something we were shown. But even considering children’s drawings (and while she was working abroad, her children remained in the Union), we had no right to show the portrait of her husband.

Now you can. The scout-illegal immigrant Vitaly A. nuykin. I think many people abroad, seeing this photo, shuddered, realizing what really was their friend.

And finally, we waited one day last summer in Neskuchny garden and waited for the person who came up with the “pumpkin” with the South American tea Yerba mate. That’s what we had this conversation.

– And for that you have been given the title of Hero of the Soviet Union?

I do Not know. Dali and Dali. I even said what I did, what you made me the Hero of the Soviet Union?

– come on, come on.

Seriously, I did what had to be done. And all.

Is that you have one of the ciphers was devoted to the question, for which I was given the title of Hero of the Soviet Union?

– Yes, Yes. I said are you sure?

Not mistaken. And now, not only in profile we can show it, scout, Hero of the Soviet Union Mikhail Anatolyevich Vasenkova.

We first recorded interview, but, strictly speaking, it was shown before. Just then his name was Juan Lazaro. The guy traded in 2010. Remember the exchange with the United States? There he worked with. Russian man posing as a Uruguayan by birth and Peruvian passport. And, given that he is a Hero of the Soviet Union, and traded it in 2010 (because of betrayal), you realize how many do not even years, but decades, he worked successfully in the Western hemisphere?

part of these interviews is a side effect of cooperation with the press Bureau of the SVR in the creation of books, scientific articles and research and reports that I and my English co-author Bernard O’connor made about the amazing Soviet-British “operation ice pick”.

In this scheme, during the great Patriotic war, more than three dozen Soviet spies were sent to the rear of the Germans with the help of the British secret service SOE. Then London became the first city where there was an open representative of the Soviet intelligence to coordinate actions against the common enemy.

But, of course, part of these interviews — the result of the conversation with our program of President Putin, when he first told me what exactly the division of foreign intelligence of the then Soviet Union he worked.

“All my work in the foreign intelligence of the USSR, was connected not just with the foreign intelligence Service, namely the illegal intelligence. And I know these people. These people are special, special qualities, special beliefs, these people are special character”, — said the head of state.

we Have in the Studio is a giant emblem of the foreign intelligence Service. Here’s what that symbolizes? It is clear that the double — headed eagle is because Russia and the globe because it is an organization with global challenges. Look closely at the shield. It is 12 zakrepiv. It’s like 12 o’clock on the dial and 12 months. That is a symbol of the continuity of the work of the SVR. If you look closely, you can see sakray made in the form of Geraleticheski roses, meaning the safety of secrets. What else? the sword in the comments, probably does not need. But the torch symbolizes the activities of the SVR to identify the secret hidden.