Decided Russia's representative at

according to the magazine “StarHit”, Panayotov was finally selected as the Russian representative at “Eurovision”, but officially this was not announced. There is also no official information about the song, which Panayotov will perform in the final. It is known that the choice of the song deals with the singer Grigory Leps, who is a producer artist.

Composer Igor Krutoy also said on the eve that Panayotov could to perform well in the competition, but information about what he’s going to Rotterdam, the composer called a newspaper canard. However, he claimed that the party had already identified 90%.

the Publication notes that Panayotov has repeatedly tried to obtain the right to represent their country at Eurovision. He first attended the selection process in 2005, but did not succeed. A second attempt he made in 2008, but lost with minimal lag Dima Bilan. Nearly 10 years later, he again attempted a joy to get to Eurovision 2017 in Kiev, but in the end the choice was made in favor of Yulia Samoilova.

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