Deceived housing investors of 60 million: Rostov businessman will stand trial

Cheated 60 million. The Rostov businessman accused at once under three articles of the criminal code. The man will appear before court immediately after the Prosecutor’s investigation. He was a con man who tricked hundreds of investors, reports GTRK “don-TR”.

According to the UK, not having permits, the accused illegally started to build in Rostov-on-don is an apartment building. Among them — the objects on the street Driveway, as well as the three SNT – “Architect”, “printing” and “Red Gardener”. He concluded with hundreds of participants of share building the appropriate contracts, after which people donated money to him for the construction of high-rise buildings. In the end, the swindler has appropriated funds to victims totaling more than 59 million rubles.

the Prosecutor’s office of Rostov indicted in the case. A man accused of “entrepreneurial activity without registration”, “Fraud in especially large size” and “Causing property damage by deception”.

Text: STRC “don-TR”