You will already warns once been. Debbie Harry have no desire to talk about David Bowie’s Penis. A staff member of the Heyne publishing house, the 400-page autobiography, “Face It”, the singer of Blondie appears says.

Bowie’s gender part, which he presented to her pride in a Backstage area, you will not need to comment on the New Yorker today, when you power on your international book tour in Hamburg stop. Why the scene at all in your book, mention is puzzling.

About the drastic events in your life that has brought you with the help of a British Rock journalist to the paper, Harry is talking about – and seem to leave that behind their petrified facial features (it is open to regular “under the knife”) a sensitive person is hidden.

at The Moment, she sits motionless on a Sofa in her Suite in a five star hotel Atlantic – known by Udo Lindenberg, who has been here for many years, his place of permanent residence.

Harry is wearing a short red jacket over a yellow dress, dark sunglasses obscured her eyes. Staring at your Interviewer is aggressive or you have a nice view bored out of the window, where behind the rising banks of the inner Alster and the Skyline of the port city? It’s difficult to say.

thank you.

I can say little – I spent the whole time in Giger’s darkened house, where we have two video clips for Songs and photos for a album cover shots. If I had a break, I spent this in the ucherten garden.

I have no idea.

you Go in to this interview to Opium?

One thing about her: Debbie Harry’s Null-Bock-attitude is under the aspect, that they referred to as Punk, at least it is authentic.

Debbie Harry comes in 1945 with the name Angela Trimble as an unwanted child to the world – shortly after the end of the Second world war. Three months after the birth, she is adopted and grows up with loving parents in the state of New Jersey.

In the 1970s, she moved to New York. The city is broke, living in your dangerous. Debbie Harry’s near-death, as your apartment fills due to a defective gas heating system with toxic Fumes. She jumps out of a moving car, because the Lord had offered her a ride, suddenly appears suspect. Later, they identified him as the serial killer Ted Bundy.

As a very happy time. I was sheltered, my parents loved me through everything. In retrospect, I appreciate that more than at that time. Children are narcissistic.

As a lower-middle class. We had little money, my father had several Jobs at the same time. I was allowed outside to play and sang in the Church choir. In comparison to the Kids who grew up in the urban Ghettos, it was the Paradise.

When I was a little girl, my grandmother every year at Christmas, with me there to buy me a winter coat. It was a great day for me, we ran together the Avenues down, I marveled at the showcase, and the crowds of People on the streets. A lot of people have a fear of cities. To me, they had already as a child very attractive.

I wanted to be with young people together, the same wavelength as I, me artist to let off steam and nothing to do with the Spiessern have supported the war in Vietnam. The suburban wasn’t for me.

Ironically, brings forth not a city in so short a time so many artists such as New York in the ‘ 70s. Lou Reed, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Madonna – the list would long continue. Who is not wrong as a musician, artist or Intellectual in the scene of the Lower East Side of Manhattan, at least to visit.

And in the middle of Debbie Harry, the fun with pretty men, later celebrities are often famous. “With him I have driven it once,” the phrase repeated in her autobiography again and again.

the artist Andy Warhol – the father figure and engine of this scene promotes the bleached blonde beauty with the pouty lips. “If I were a woman, I would want to look like you”, he is reported to have said to her.

There are drums on the beginnings of the Punk movement – Harry and yells at first through avant-garde Performances, shows with colleagues in Bars and pubs. Eventually, she learns in a stairwell, which serves as a Umziehkabine, the musician Chris Stein, with whom she founded Blondie and thirteen years together.

The Blondie Sound combines Rock with Pop elements. Debbie Harry on stage on stage as a Femme fatale and become the sex symbol of the 70s. Until the dissolution in 1982 their Band has sold more than 40 million records, Hits like “Heart of Glass”, “Atomic” or “The Tide Is High” to make it in Switzerland in the Top Ten of the Charts. After seventeen years of re-unification. With “Mary” ends up Blondie again an international Hit.

Before the breakthrough, the Couple Harry and stone by needs belonging to the bottom. It feeds on milk and cookies, and invested the little money earned with performances and odd jobs, in instruments and Band equipment. One Night, threatened a full of drugs pumped man Harry and Stein on the street with a knife and forced intake in your apartment. He ties a stone to a bed and raped Harry. Then he takes all the tools he can carry. “Ultimately, the stolen guitars for me were worse than the rape,” writes Harry at the end of the Chapter.

I didn’t want to give the incident too much weight – I didn’t do that well at the time. I describe the thing in the book, to show that you can lead to a rape, a life.

How did you become done with it?
I allowed me to focus for a short time on the anger and the sadness that I felt. Then I left the whole thing behind me. I had the good fortune to have a Partner who supported me fully.

we needed this time – he and I – to be the fearsome Situation. For a long time no one to know what it was, Chris knew. He would be more and more thinner and power. If he ran once around the Block, he had to rest for two days.

I’ve made a withdrawal – it was quite simple.


no, why? For me, this is no big deal. For you already?

If you say so.

singer, actress, icon of the

Debbie Harry in the ‘ 70s, singer of the Band Blondie. She grew up in modest circumstances in the case of adoptive parents in the state of New Jersey, as a young woman she moved to New York City and its creative scene in the castle itself. In addition to her music career, Harry starred in over thirty movies, including “Hairspray” Director John Waters in 1988. The 74-Year-old was in a relationship for 13 years with Chris stone (69), the co-founder and guitarist of Blondie. At the Moment, she is Single and lives with her two dogs in Manhattan.