Sergey, if any viruses tend to change over time? How has the Chinese virus lately?

– the Population of the virus COVID-19, apparently, and the source was heterogeneous and evolves over time. So, in the Chinese province of Hubei, where he began his journey through the world, the mortality rate is at about 4 percent. One hypothesis is that the virus there in many cases “fresh”, directly crossed over to man from animals. In other areas of China, where the virus is transmitted from person to person, in other countries mortality basically significantly less. But it seems that such adaptation including impact on its ability to spread from person to person. As a result, it has become easier to spread.

– This speed exceeded the speed of propagation of the SARS virus 2002-2003?

– If you look at the absolute dynamics, the current virus is transmitted easier. But the mortality rate of SARS was “meaner”: about 10%.

are There any new data regarding the modes of transmission of coronavirus from person to person?

– As you can see from publications, the current virus is a large range of the incubation period. And an infected person can infect others without knowing it. And the transfer coefficient, certainly more than the flu virus. Now experts coronavirus compared with those of measles virus – one of the most efficiently transmitted from person to person viruses. And it seems that it is not only a respiratory pathway, but fecal-oral. For example, not only drink from one Cup with the patient is impossible, but to use the handles of the taps, doors without disinfection is not necessary.

Virologist Frederick Tangi from Pasteur Institute (France) said in an interview to radio station RFI that the mortality rate from coronavirus is almost 100 times greater than deaths from seasonal flu. You agree with that?

– About the way it is from seasonal influenza kills about 0.01 percent, and from Covid-2019 – about 2%.

– We all eat in cafes and canteens. There is some risk?

– Actually, it the dishes, as you know, wash, and mostly with the help of dishwashers. As used in these detergents effectively destroy viruses.

How are things going with the development of antiviral agents in China?

Chinese scientists began tests on patients with several drugs. Some of these drugs have already been used successfully for the inhibition of HIV infection, for the treatment of hepatitis C. the fact that the coronavirus and HIV have at least one similar in properties to the enzyme protease. Will it work this drug against Covid-2019, until the question…

as far As I know, in the Novosibirsk center “Vector” was developed at least two versions of test kits for coronavirus. How perfect they are, will check only for existing patients. It is necessary, moreover, to have not one, but several samples of the living virus, their use is necessary to develop a model panels of sera for testing sensitivity and specificity of the test systems, to compare the new virus with SARS-cov (SARS), testing of potential therapeutic drugs on animals.

the Russian scientists, according to the head of Rospotrebnadzor, is finally live virus for the development of drugs against the coronavirus, but it is not clear who has shared with us. You while working in the “Vector” worked on the decoding of the genomes of the viruses Ebola and Marburg in the early 90-ies, and later SARS. Then you had live viruses?

– of Course. How can something natural to study it without having? Samples of the SARS-coronavirus (SARS) was passed to us by colleagues from Germany and the United States. From China samples was not there. And the viruses Ebola and Marburg in the center “Vector” are from the late 80s.

How many Russians ill with SARS virus?

according to official information, it seems that five, but all in the form of light.

So have you created a vaccine against SARS – or she is not required due to the fact that the virus itself is “gone”?

– That’s a good question, the answer to which is useful to all who are struggling with dangerous viruses. SARS-coronavirus, human (SARS) came from bats, having passed the intermediate stage of adaptation in organisms through the palm of civet, relatives of the mongoose. And, apparently, it is from these animals it is spread to humans. Civet then quickly “calculated” and under the threat of criminal punishment banned their breeding in captivity, with the result that destroyed all the makeshift farm on their reproduction. Such a quick and concerted action, which periodically show us the Chinese experts, is the key to success to combat any virus.

For COVID-19 also found a mediator — the pangolin. It is also already banned breed?

Suspects now pangolins are used in China not only for food, but of its organs are also medical preparations of traditional Chinese medicine. Prohibited do have them breeding, I don’t know yet. But the “wild” markets for the sale of live animals in China just banned.

head of the Polish Ministry of health recently said that the closest us animals — cats can also become carriers of the coronavirus. He’s right, they are potentially dangerous for us? And Hong Kong, by the way, it seems to have found an infected dog…

– the Existence of coronaviruses of cats, dogs, poultry and other animals has long been known. Developed and sold vaccines against coronaviruses of birds, cats, there is a test system for their detection. Only disease in humans, these viruses do not cause. At least such cases are not identified. In General, your coronaviruses have all the animals around us.

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