Deaths from coronavirus Russians buried otherwise

Deaths from coronavirus Russians will be buried in closed coffins. These recommendations have been put forward to the CPS to prevent the spread of infection.

The probability of being infected by the deceased there is, theoretically, the virus does not live long on a dead body. Therefore, until late you can not touch or kiss him, and to put on the funeral can only be close relatives, according to “Novaya Gazeta”.

Even in the memorial hall of the relatives of the deceased are asked to keep a distance, and public events — funerals, goodbyes become dangerous because of the crowds.

Funeral service at the burial of people who died from the coronavirus, are obliged to use disinfectants, to treat the common areas. For the treatment of graves also used non-lethal weapons, and when lowering the coffin into the grave staff recommends the wearing of the MOPP suits.

The CPS at this time recommends to refrain from visiting the cemeteries on palm Sunday, Easter and the day of rejoicing. During a pandemic the cemetery should be opened only for funerals.

Earlier reported that the Italian doctor Massimo Portacci working on the ambulance at the hospital of Novara, spoke about the fight against coronavirus. Even after death the body is not given to relatives as it is a source of infection. Now bodies are cremated, not buried to stop the spread of the virus.