Five railroad workers died in 2018 on SBB-construction sites: a tragic record, the research revealed. Workers who are pushed around, sloppy, planned construction sites, and illegal Overtime for the external staff – the hazardous to the safety on construction sites and in traffic, so the experts seemed to be.

the policy: SP reacts-the national Council and SEV-unionists Philipp Hadorn (52, SU) wants to address the five deaths in the transport Commission. “The SBB must declare themselves for these tragic accidents and take measures,” he says. “Saving actions must not endanger the lives of railroad workers.”

Saib in criticism

“Severely irritating”, not the national Council, that it considers the Swiss safety investigation Board (Saib) is necessary to examine the five work-related accidents. “The accidents to stamp just as individual cases, is the obvious ways,” he criticizes. Hadorn want to check with the Sust, what the hell. For him to be out of the question: “Fatal accidents are investigated!”

SVP national councillor Ulrich Giezendanner (65) comes into the same Horn: “I am surprised that the Saib has not investigated the accidents.” He calls the changes. “Then the SBB must react accordingly and, if necessary, the security measures intensify.”

FDP-Burkart: “No systematic shortcomings”

FDP-Nationalrat Thierry Burkart (43), however, does not recognise a need for action. “I can currently not detect systematic defects that would justify Intervention”, says the politician involved in transport issues.

Instead, he shows understanding for the SBB: “reorganizations are in a company of this Size is always necessary.” However, it is clear to him: “the safety of The workers may not suffer.”