Sint-Truiden, belgium At the Sint-Trudo Hospital in Sint-Truiden, belgium, there are currently 33 coronapatiënten recorded, 9 of which are on close. But again, it fell in the last 24 hours, three people died.

“We have had over the past 24 hours, six dismissals in total, there were already nineteen, I can go back home,” says Miet Driesen, the speaker of the Sint-Trudo Hospital. “We’ve had three deaths to mourn, which here, in the meantime, twelve people have died who were infected with the corona virus. We have more than enough capacity to meet coronapatiënten, and all of the other patients in the hospital to deal with that. Also, babies can be in peace and go on. We have members of staff who are suffering, but there are times, even healed people on the shop floor. That is, we are sure to have enough room for our patients with the best possible care is to be assured.”