The official death toll of corona virus in our country, on Tuesday, at 2.035. However, the real number is even higher, since the number of coronadoden in the Flemish residential care homes prior to 1 april are not yet available in the official figures, as reported on the federal research centre Sciensano on Tuesday.

in The past 24 hours, there were 162 new cases, our country, and dinsdagvoormiddag have been reported in the daily press briefing by the National emergency operations centre. The official death toll rose, however, with a 403, since the counting system has been modified. In the update on Tuesday have also been 241 deaths be counted that occurred between the 1st and 4th of april, took place in the Flemish residential care facilities.

However, the deaths for the 1st of april in the Flemish residential care facilities are currently not in the numbers of Sciensano included. The official death toll due to corona in the us, the country is, therefore, with a certainty greater than that of the current 2.035. How much higher is unknown at this time. “However, the number of deaths will be in the next few days, so it is still possible that some of the significant jumps,” said Sciensano.

as of the 6th of april, the deaths in the Flemish residential care facilities, however, are systematic, that is, with a delay of two days, it added. The mortality in belgian residential care centers, have already been recorded.

out Of the 241 deaths in Flemish homes for the elderly are the age and the gender is unknown at this time. “They have to be according to the date of the notification of the death to local authorities, it is still possible to read it in the report.

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