he Is locked away forever? Since Monday morning, twelve jurors discuss the fate of the Mexican drug boss Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán.

It was a mammoth process: for Three months, over 50 witnesses were interviewed. Hundreds of documents and dozens of wiretapped phone calls were not consulted. Enough Material to make a rapid judgment?

Jury-the candidate wanted to. autograph

A ruling that will decide the fate of a notorious drug Lord A difficult and also dangerous decision. Therefore, the Public does not even know who the twelve jurors, who decide on Chapos judgment. In the months before, the Details have leaked again and again, the insight into their challenging work.

So for example, the fact that the seven women and five men, among about one hundred of the Jury, had candidate. Many wanted to co-decide about Chapos fate, some of them have been sorted out – because they had applied only for a Chapo-autograph.

heavily-armed Bodyguards

Other candidates were not interested in the Jury: One candidate reported that she had googled killed “El Chapos” name along with “jury members”. The results have caused her some Worry. Since the statement Chapos not helped also that he wanted to kill anyone.

Even less the offered fee helped. Because as a honorary judge in the United States, and is not rich. Just US $ 40 per day cash in the twelve of the jury.

Not even fame. Because they remain anonymous. So anonymous, that the court had prohibited court illustrators to make drawings of those involved in the process. The court is very concerned for the safety of the jurors, that it has made available to all twelve-armed Bodyguard, who escorted them to the courtroom and back home.

when’s the decision?

the Whole thing is Complicated by the ten charges that are directed against the most dangerous criminals in the United States. Including: drug smuggling, money laundering, and organised crime.

The U.S. justice requires, namely, that the twelve jury cases, unanimous their verdict. Ten Times the question is asked: Guilty or not guilty? Until all of the opinions are made, it could take a few hours, but also weeks. (pma)