In the United States for the first time in five years a prisoner with the electric chair to be executed. The death sentence against double-murder charges, sentenced 63-year-old Edmund Zagorski was executed on Thursday in a high-security prison in Nashville in the US state of Tennessee as the authorities. Zagorski himself had preferred to the electric chair for the poison-filled syringe.

Zagorski had been found guilty, in 1983, two men murdered. He had lured them with the promise in a forest area, to sell them marijuana. Before the death of the convicted murderer, the Supreme court had rejected a request to suspend the execution.

Actually would have Zagorski in October with a poison syringe executed. The execution was but suspended in the short term, after he had demanded to be instead of the electric chair to be executed.

His lawyers argued that the lethal injection would threaten him 10 to 18 minutes of suffering – the electric chair is only 15 to 30 seconds. For executions in the US used poison cocktails are not in the criticism, because the contained anesthetic Midazolam is apparently strong enough to avoid the pain of the death candidates.

In Tennessee, have prior to 1999, the death of the prisoners condemned the right to choose between the electric chair and a lethal injection. Zagorskis attorney Kelley Henry criticized that the state had forced their clients, “between two absolutely barbaric death of methods”. The lethal injection amounts to “torture”.

In the USA, was last seen in 2013, a Condemned man the electric chair to be executed. Since the year 2000 were used in the entire United States, only 14 of the approximately 900 executions by the electric chair. Of executions with the electric chair, there were shocking depictions.