On 3. April it came on the A1 motorway between Uzwil SG, Gossau SG to the Drama: The driver of a small bus stops due to a tire damage on the emergency lane and call the breakdown service. It is Adem B.* (†24), an employee of a Pneugarage in Wil SG.

Both are in the breakdown lane, Adem B. tries to fix the tire damage on the front left of the minibus. Then a crash from the back of the Arm (24) of Alfa-Romeos in the two men – what did he find in the breakdown lane, is still under investigation.

Second death victims

Pannenhelfer Adem will hurt when you Crash so severely that he died on the accident. The driver of the minibus (50), a Macedonian of Germany, was seriously injured. Now the Canton police reports of St. Gallen: He died three weeks after the accident.

Because the second death has on the criminal case that runs against the driver of the Alfa Romeos, a significant impact, and communicates the police to the death, but be careful. “It is clarified to what extent is the death with the accident in context,” writes Florian Schneider, spokesman for the Canton police.

The death is relevant to the criminal case

The GAZE he explained: “Because a criminal case runs out and another victim is very relevant, must clarify now the Institute for legal medicine, whether the man actually died from his accident injuries. Theoretically, he could be killed because of another medical problem.” (fr)