Luiza B.* (†34) went through hell. Her husband Ilir b.* (37) hit you again and again. His wife, the help, won display refunded. The future Killer was arrested briefly, and with a contact prohibition and exclusion order demonstrates. The violence, the protection of the Zurich cantonal police intervened. Luiza B. separated from her husband, moved with the four children in an apartment in Dietikon, ZH.

But the Horror did not end. Ilir B. did not accept that his wife had left him. On Monday, the North by turning Macedonians completely. He lies in wait for his wife to reported stings and “slaughter them literally” (VIEW).

Dübendorf, ZH, Zürich-Wiedikon, Brugg AG – and now Dietikon ZH: Always the perpetrators, the police were as violent known. But the victims could not be protected. In spite of all the measures.

Serious allegations against the police

Susan A. Peter, President of the umbrella organisation of the Swiss women’s houses, the authorities with serious allegations. For you is clear: “The police failed too often in such situations. Victims are left in Switzerland in the lurch.” Particularly, the present case show it clearly. “It is alarming that the man was indeed striking, and the police had to repeatedly intervene.”

Also, the communication of the police of the Canton of Zurich makes Peter angry. The officials wrote that Luiza B.* rejected due to domestic violence twice, an invitation to conversation with the professionals.

For the woman of the house-Head of a scandal: “So the woman is given a complicity in her death. Rather, the police should ask themselves whether they acted with the necessary determination and tried to protect the woman.” The Zurich cantonal police did not want to comment on.

Insensitive and rugged official

That the women is given a complicity, experienced Peter again and again. “There are many women in the women’s homes, the feel of the authorities seriously.” Police officers, for example, inappropriate comments would make the women’s allegations.

“Because spells like traps then: “Now we have to come again. The next Time you are separated but”,” said Peter. And not in all cases, the women speak good English. Still no interpreter. “It’s disrespectful”, says Peter.

no longer occurs To such a thing, demands the wife, the house-Head of training and Sensitization of police officers. And more education. Because: “Many women do not even know that there is such a thing as a women’s house. Cops need to draw attention to the fact.” Also to the fact that the women can stay 21 days without having to pay something. The victims help take.

still, the shelters, lack of goods

the policy is, Peter wants more attention. “Until now, it was slept through, for example, to provide sufficient places in shelters available. There is a lack of funding. Some cantons even have no women’s shelters. That must change”, accuses you.

After all, The government has taken the first step. Recently, the Federal Council approved a decision of the Parliament. Starting in 2022, new laws may impose on potential perpetrators, for example, a sharper contact prohibition will apply.

ankle cuff with rayon ban

“there is the possibility that the offender must wear an ankle cuff. Then the victim must provide the evidence if against a rayon prohibition is being violated,” explains Natalie Schneiter of the Bernese Advisory centre for Domestic violence, and Stalking.

Whether this measure will save more women’s lives, does not believe the woman of the house-Head. Peter: “The bracelet and the foot ankle nothing to benefit the victim, if they are in danger.”

*name known to the editors