A Horrortat, there are still many open questions. Last Tuesday, the British woman Anna R.* (†22) is found dead in the Hotel La Palma au Lac in Muralto TI – the young woman choked to death in agony. The body lies in the bathtub of room 501. Your friend, the German, Dirk W.** (29), little will be taken later. In a first interrogation, he speaks of a fatal Sex accident as a cause of death, but investigators do not believe him. Meanwhile, the muscle man is sitting in custody. The suspected intentional homicide.

The case is not only in the UK, the home of the dead woman, to the big topic. Also in the Zurich circle of friends by Dirk W. the death and his bizarre make circumstances accompanying the round. His Ex-partner defended him, Known to feel, however, confirmed. Only one of them knows the whole Drama in Ticino, nothing. Thomas K.** (58), the father of Dirk W. – he lives in the South of Germany and only learn via VIEW of the allegations against his son.

The father is shocked,

Thomas K. falls from the clouds, as he realized what should have caused his son. After reading the numerous articles, he can put his feelings into words: “As I VIEW article las, came to me in tears. I’m shocked and can’t believe it. And Yes, in the photos I see my son immediately.”

Thomas K. consider the family of the victim: “It makes me sad. A human life was lost.” But: “if I know my son, I can’t imagine that he wanted to kill his girlfriend.”

again and again conflicts with the son,

The father, why the relationship with the son for a long time already is burdened: “for years I have no contact with him. Just once, five, six years ago, we found a short to each other, as there was a death in the family.” The rapprochement between father and son, however, was not of long duration: “soon We had differences. His problems fell on me.”

As Dirk W. a child, it is better to have the money. The father reported that the son had not at all been a brutal daredevil. “He was rather a shy Boy.”

The big break after the divorce

After the turn of the Millennium, it came to the big break: “His mother and I were getting a divorce. Dirk was at that time twelve years old. First of all, he was with her, then a year with me. He then returned to his mother. From this point on, I lost sight of him. But I told him that my door was open for him always.”

the long rap sheet was the father not known. “I suspected it, because of his environment.” The father explains: “I’ve noticed that he drove in motorcycle Clubs around.”

In all the Negative but there were also light moments – like the birth of two grandchildren: “I thought that he was now finally grounded.” Now the Drama in Ticino: “If my son has to now long behind bars, that makes me very sad.” Nevertheless, he says: “I want to visit him in prison. He remains my son.”

* Name

** names have been changed