two years ago. But on Monday, at 9.30 am, but the thing in the early morning hours of 22. April 2017 happened on the driveway of the underground garage of the club Rotonda in Gordola, TI, alive again. Because Alexander D.* (23) is in Lugano, TI in court.

The insurance broker should have brought in those tragic minutes Fabrizio C.* (†44) with a punch in the neck and a push-to-case. Totally groundless, as it seems. The Director of a watch factory from Genestrerio TI collapsed and died two days later of a brain hemorrhage (EYES reported).

For the state’s attorney is to blame for the death of the two times the family the father of the hobby martial artist from Biasca, TI. Arturo Garzoni accuses the native Kosovars with a Swiss passport intentional killing.

the defense wants acquittal

The defendants have missed the 44-Year-old with a right hook on the neck and shoulder jostled, so that the Ticino struck first against an iron gate, and it fell to the ground. For the two reviewers of the justice Department’s Executive office no doubt on drums in the back of the neck. You would have found under the skin of the victim clear traces of violence, reported RSI. The shock have not led to rupture of the Aorta, but the resulting neck movement.

The defense relies, however, on acquittal. It has also commissioned a consultant. The Italian says to Fabrizio C. a congenital malformation discovered, which ultimately led to the spontaneous rupture of the blood vessel. There had been no influence from third parties. This confirms again the statement of Alexander D., of the assured to always have the 44-Year-old not even touched.

a witness to will of Alexander D. when attacking

However, it has been observed in the dawn of the fateful Saturdays, apparently. As a member of the security service of the club reported at the time to “Ticino line”: “The man was in the company of a girl. He had been on a rampage in the dressing room with another guest. We threw him out. Very probably, he was upset. And under the influence of alcohol and drugs.” The bouncer watched as Alexander D. comes up to the group and a regular guest Fabrizio C. boxes in the back. “The victim and the perpetrator do not know each other,” said the witness.

The then-21-Year-old tried to flee, was but the prisoner. He sat up to 5. September is in custody and has since been at large. Alexander D. is accused not only because of the violence in Gordola, but also because of violation of the narcotics law, for abandonment, threats, and assault. The court in Lugano, has scheduled two days for the process. The judgment falls on Wednesday.

* Name known to the editors