According to an official from The White House, there is a consensus on a u.s. aid package with billions of euros of investment.

Dealers of the Trump-the government and us senators agree on a big economic package of emergency in the UNITED states, to mitigate the coronavirussets economic effects.

It informs Eric Ueland, a government official in The White House, on the night of Wednesday (local time), according to Reuters.

– We have an agreement, says Ueland according to the news, after several days of negotiations.

The aid package is expected to be up to 2000 billion u.s. dollars, equivalent to almost 14.000 billion. But the details of the agreement have not yet been published.

In the course of the last 24 hours are a number of possible elements in the package according to CNN, however, come forward.

Thus, according to the CNN be allocated about $ 250 billion for direct payments to individuals and families, 350 billion u.s. dollars to provide loans to small businesses, $ 250 billion for unemployment benefits and $ 500 billion for loans to enterprises in need.

the Senate later on Wednesday local time to vote on the big bail-out.

It shall notify the Senate republican flertalsleder Mitch McConnell, which confirms that the negotiators have reached an agreement.

– Finally, we have a deal, said McConnell, according to the AFP, and call it a huge “investment in the country on the level with in time of war”.

the UNITED states’s finance minister, Steven Mnuchin, says according to Reuters, the president of the UNITED states, Donald Trump intends to sign the legislative package, if passed by both the Senate and the House of Representatives.

the Package is two times in the course of the last few days been voted down in the Senate, and the markets reacted in a transition of turmoil that the negotiations drew out.

But since the Senate Tuesday local time, reported out that the package was close to being in the goal, has the markets world over have shown improvement.

Congress has already adopted two significantly smaller legislative packages with the same overall purpose. Both packages are signed by Trump.

According to Johns Hopkins University’s inventory, there are over 55,000 confirmed smittetilfælde in the UNITED states, 801 died with coronavirus and 354 raskmeldte persons in the country.

the UNITED states has seen large increases in smittetal recent days.