Donald trump presented a plan to resolve the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, which has loudly called “deal of the century”. It envisages the creation of two sovereign States, while Jerusalem should be the indivisible capital of Israel. 30 Jan Benjamin Netanyahu to discuss the deal with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Israel agreed, but the Palestinians have said no. President Mahmoud Abbas stated that Jerusalem is not for sale. “Deal of the century” will not work, and our people will send it to the dustbin of history.”

not satisfied with Palestine? Adviser to the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu Ariel Burstein in the program “60 minutes” said that “the Palestinians never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity.”

the Adviser to the Israeli Prime Minister recalled that in 1948 the UN offered to divide the country into Jewish and Arab parts. “The plan provides for the termination of the British mandate in Palestine and the establishment on its territory of two independent States. The Jewish side of pleasure isn’t experienced, but was willing to compromise. The Arabs, on the contrary, did not agree and responded with a war, trying to strangle Israel in the Bud. Since this happens on any proposal for the world the Arab side responds with violence and terror,” he said.