Bilateral relations, economic cooperation and the so-called “deal of the century” which Washington is ready to conclude the Israelis and the Palestinians. These are all topics of today’s talks Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu. Netanyahu flew to Moscow to discuss with Russian President’s new initiative on the middle East. And among other things thanked him for pardoning convicted in Russia of the Israelite Naamah Issachar.

the Handshake is strong and long lasting, although they had seen recently in Jerusalem. In the Kremlin, Netanyahu arrived with his wife Sarah. Putin gave her a bouquet of flowers.

From Israel on the talks, the Netanyahu aide on military matters, which before the advent of leaders with interest at the Kremlin interiors, head of the national security Council and the Minister of tourism. Of course, this is no coincidence. The number of tourists visiting Israel, Russia is second only to the United States.

Netanyahu has just returned from Washington, where he entered into with America “deal of the century”, rejected by Palestine and endorsed by Israel. But today, Netanyahu said: would like to discuss a plan of trump with Putin.

“we are Developing our bilateral relations in economy and humanitarian ties. I am very happy to discuss with you today, all these problems of our cooperation. Of course, the situation in the region”, — said Putin.

“You are first world leader with whom I meet and talk after a visit to Washington and the plan of trump. Would like to talk to you, to hear your opinion and see how we can collect all the forces for peace and peaceful existence,” he said in response to Benjamin Netanyahu.

the topic of the middle East settlement moved on to the humanitarian agenda. The basis for the development of bilateral relations, strong historical and cultural ties between the two countries. This is quite natural, considering that in Israel, the residentset more than a million immigrants from the former Soviet Union. Russia and Israel cherish the memory of the Second world war, without distorting the facts, and the recent visit of Putin in Jerusalem — another proof.

the Ceremony marking the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz by Soviet soldiers and the day of memory of victims of the Holocaust, and beyond that the monument to the victims of the Leningrad siege in Jerusalem’s Saker garden — everything was at the highest level.

“I Want to thank you again, you personally, because I know that you are one of the organizers of the creation of the monument to the victims of the siege of Leningrad in Jerusalem. And the monument is very decent, and the place is pretty great and, of course, the procedure was very impressive and emotional,” — said the Russian President.

“We will all remember your touching words during a visit, when we opened a monument to the inhabitants and defenders of Leningrad blockade. You talked about your family, about your personal fate, the fate of the survivors of the blockade,” Netanyahu said.

Putin reminded the Israeli Prime Minister on his request made during the visit — pardon the Naama Issachar, a citizen of Israel, sentenced in Russia to seven and a half years for smuggling and drug possession.

“You know the decree about its pardon was signed. She, thank God, for it is very good, have not crossed even the border of the Russian Federation. All this was found in her Luggage, moving Luggage from one airplane to another. Please pass on my best wishes to her and her family,” he said.

“I would Like to thank you on behalf of all the people of Israel for your quick decision to release”, — said the Israeli Prime Minister.

Israeli media, which at the meeting were many, begin to broadcast the video, which the Prime Minister publishes on the social network — the time of the meeting in the airport terminal Vnukovo-2 couple Netanyahu with Naama and her mother The Jaffa, who also arrived in Moscow. And here all four of us holding hands, we’re heading to the gangway of the ship, flying to tel Aviv.

a Key role in addressing the question of pardon, according to Vladimir Putin, played the Patriarch of Jerusalem Theophilos the Third. He gave the Russian President a letter asking for clemency from mother of the Israeli woman convicted.