Deadly coronavirus: in Europe died the second cases

In Italy, the first reported case of lethal outcome after infection with coronavirus COVID-19, died on the 78-year-old man, previously hospitalized in the Veneto region.

Together with the patient to the hospital were placed with a high temperature of 67-year-old wife. Infection by the coronavirus spouse, until recently, was in question, but recent analyses still showed a positive result.

This case – the second in Europe, the lethal outcome as a result of infection with coronavirus: earlier in France, he died ill 80-year-old Chinese tourist, who arrived in mid-January from China’s Hubei province.

In the North of Italy last Friday was declared an outbreak of infection with a coronavirus, in the region of Lombardy the number of new cases has reached 15, but even before the infected were three. In affected cities prohibited any mass and sporting events, as well as trading activities, with the exception of purchase of first necessity. The suspension of work will affect local companies and educational institutions, including schools and kindergartens.

As reported, on 31 December last year, Chinese authorities informed the world health organization (who) about the outbreak in the city of Wuhan of pneumonia caused by an unknown virus. Later experts have established the causative agent, the coronavirus, a new type. The who declared the outbreak an emergency situation of international importance and gave the disease a formal name – COVID-19. To date, the number of infected people in mainland China have already exceeded 75 thousand people died 2236 people, recovered more than 18 thousand. Outside of China recorded 1200 cases of infection in 26 countries.