Malte C. just wanted to help. He paid for this courage with his life. Now new details about the anti-queer act on the fringes of the CSD in Münster are known. The investigations suggest that the alleged perpetrator Nuradi A. recognized the 25-year-old as a trans man before he brutally struck.

After a deadly attack on a 25-year-old trans man on the sidelines of Christopher Street Day (CSD) in Münster, the investigation into the suspect brought new details to light.

The accused is 20-year-old warehouse worker Nuradi A. The Chechen is said to have beaten a CSD visitor into a coma on the evening of August 27, who then died.

According to FOCUS online information, the man has been living with his mother in Germany for eight years. His father, on the other hand, still lives in the Russian republic. Against this background, a magistrate ordered the accused, who was born in the border village of Tukhchar, to be held in custody due to the risk of absconding. The reason given is that there is also a high level of public interest in the case. Furthermore, the reason for detention is the risk of repetition. Because the boxer is already known to the judiciary and the police. Last February, Nuradi A. also hit an opponent with a fist. In June, the delinquent was sentenced to a so-called educational measure for intentional bodily harm. A. should pay 200 euros to a social institution and be supervised by a social worker for six months.

Just recently, according to the BILD newspaper, the immigration authorities extended Nuradi A.’s residence permit by one year until 2023. The deportation of citizens of the Russian Federation following the Kremlin attack on Ukraine is currently suspended.

The motive behind the anti-queer attack remains unclear. Ramzan Kadyrov, Valdimir Putin’s paladin, has been driving the persecution of homosexuals in Chechnya for years. Was the thug in Münster persuaded to act by the homophobic resentment in his home country? The prisoner has not yet commented on his crime. Investigators are still trying to identify his companion.

The attack took place shortly after 8 p.m. near Münster’s Stadtwerkeplatz. A CSD event was still running in the background when Nuradi A. and a friend noticed three women standing at a bus stop. The Chechen ran towards the CSD visitors. The boxer aggressively insulted the women as “dirty lesbians, dirty whores”.

Malte C., also a CSD participant, got involved according to FOCUS online information. “Where’s the problem?” The transman tried in vain to calm the situation down. According to the investigation, Nuradi A. and his companion should have freaked out and insulted the twenty-something. He wasn’t a man at all, so the tenor, because he was transsexual. Without further hesitation, the migrant from the Russian Federation hit Malte C. and immediately sent a second, well-aimed punch. The victim fell unconscious on the back of his head on the asphalt. The thug and his buddy then fled.

Malte C. was taken to the clinic with life-threatening head injuries. Despite emergency surgery, the victim died early Friday morning. The prosecutors got on the trail of the suspect through cell phone videos. A policewoman recognized the delinquent. As a result, the three witnesses were presented with photographs and videos by Nurida A., on which they unequivocally identified the suspect. The public prosecutor’s office is now investigating because of dangerous bodily harm resulting in death.

Siegmund Benecken, defense counsel for the accused, did not want to comment further when asked. However, the lawyer considers the detention of his client to be disproportionate in view of the allegation: “We are now waiting for the files to be inspected and will then submit a new application for a detention review in order to get our client released for the time being.”