for Three weeks the bodies were found at the Continental Parkhotel remained at the station in Lugano TI a mystery. Now: the dead woman in the hotel room has not been killed. She died a natural death. The investigating authorities announced today in a statement.

On the Morning of the 27. July of 2019, entered a maid room 49 on the third floor. It is 11.15 PM, when she discovered an emotion loose woman in the bed. They alerted the hotel reception and immediately calls the police (LOOK told).

the Prosecutor’s office to determine also, because of killing

Ten police officers back, including forensics. A little later the husband (69) is arrested. He was in a confused state. Immediately the suspicion arises, of the German-speaking Swiss have to do with the death of a hotel guest. He is brought to the psychiatric clinic in Mendrisio, TI.

A week holiday, wanted to make the Couple from the German part of Switzerland in a three-star Hotel with a view of the lake. On the day of the corpse’s discovery, the Couple should check out. However, it does not appear at the reception. The hotel staff will remind you, the wife, on Wednesday, the 24. To July for the last Time.

husband was more appeared in psychiatric treatment

from Now on, only the man for Breakfast, without his companion. On Friday night, the guest got drunk in the hotel bar. The idea is shocking: Apparently, the pensioners had slept the last two nights in a hotel bed next to his dead wife.

On Monday, the body was examined. Now all the results of the analyses and the confirmation: The woman in room 49, died a natural death. Her husband, once a suspect, has already been dismissed. Due to his mental condition, he was admitted to a clinic in German-speaking Switzerland.