1600 football clubs and 329.000 members comes not as usual to play the matches in the beginning of april.

There must not play football in Denmark until at least after easter.

Dansk Boldspil-Union (DBU) announces that all activities are cancelled, and all clubs are encouraged to shut down in the period to 13. april.

DBU thus follows in the wake of prime minister Mette Frederiksen press conference on Monday afternoon.

Here, announced that the decommissioning of the Danish society continue to and with 13. april. It is done in an attempt to minimize the spread of the coronavirus.

This also applies to Danish football, reads it from the DBU, as a back up on the recommendations.

This means that all fodboldaktiviteter is cancelled up to and including 13. april. At the same time, urged football clubs to do the same.

– In the football-Denmark we will of course do our best, to the fewest possible to be infected by the corona virus.

– Usually are a great many people in contact with each other, in the world of football, but we can’t right now.

– We follow the authorities ‘ recommendations and backs up and cancels therefore, all our activities in this time, says Bent Clausen, chairman of the DBU’s breddekomité and vice-president of the DBU’s board of directors.

DBU represents breddeniveau its good 1600 football clubs with a total of 329.000 members. They must now wait with a drawstring fodboldstøvlerne.

– IN the DBU Width cancels all six lokalunioner all football matches, rallies, courses, seminars, and klubbesøg and other events.

– We encourage all our clubs to follow the authorities ‘recommendations and regulations,” says Lars Albaek, chairman of the DBU Width.

Normally, all serieklubber in Denmark to start the season in the beginning of april, but it will never happen.

– We are fully aware that the extension of the current nedlukningsperiode will affect football and many football clubs in the negative, but we have the clear view to our societal responsibilities are weighted the highest in this situation, points out Lars Albaek.

All international matches and ungdomslandskampe is also canceled in march and april, and the League is put on pause indefinitely.