a Series of errors in the case of the bean counters of the Nation. After it was published last summer, the questionable Numbers Deportations of criminal aliens, was the headline in VIEW of the Federal office for statistics (BfS): “The Verrechner from the service”. They had not produced the first Time error.

Now LOOK covers a further embarrassment – and an explanation for the glitches? – on: the BfS Director Georges-Simon Ulrich (50) leads to an incorrect, non-scientific Dr. title.

Ulrich is not an isolated case. He is with his fake Dr. just the tip of the iceberg. That’s the point: dozens of Swiss managers and scientists have concluded in the Anglo-Saxon countries, a Doctorate of Business Administration, in short, DBA. So that you can call in the country of study, Dr. but not in Switzerland.


The highest academic Organ of the Switzerland, the rectors ‘ conference of the universities-Swiss Universities, demands for “scientific excellence through a personal and original contribution to research”. A DBA is oriented against that practice. That’s why Swiss Universities referred to the Wearing of the Dr-abbreviation as “misleading”.

Swiss-Universities-President Michael Hengartner (52) underscore this Secretariat for education, research and Innovation, the VIEW there is already last November, in a letter to the state. “We reject in the present case, the opportunity to lead the abbreviation Dr. instead of the DBA.”

Important: The above-mentioned persons have studied for many years for the DBA, and dozens of paid a Thousand francs in tuition fees. But not for a Dr. in Switzerland!

In December, the CEO of the Hirslanden clinics Daniel Liedtke (48) his Dr. had to cancel title. He calls himself a DBA. The new research, which has employed a VIEW primarily on the career platform Linkedin, to detect, among other things, a mortgage head of the Alliance, insurance and a Portfolio Manager of the Post. Or a real estate Manager in the consulting giant EY.

you all sit in important positions at large corporations, but the public hardly relevant. Therefore, LOOK not published their names.

In the case of the BfS Director, Ulrich, and Marc K. Peter (46) is different. Ulrich is one of the top state employees of Switzerland, he leads in new castle for over 800 employees. And Peter is a Professor at the University of applied Sciences northwestern Switzerland FHNW.

a VIEW has asked all of the persons referred to, what you are thinking and what they’re up to now. The Post Manager, the response from the press: “Mr. L. was very surprised to hear that he is not allowed to precede in Switzerland his name to the title.” He had only know through the request and will not do so henceforth. A look at Linkedin shows that He has deleted the Dr. really.

is Not legally

Peter is protected, he will lead the Dr. title. The Federal office for statistics, defended the Director, Georges-Simon Ulrich: “the DBA is an internationally recognised title that is in large Parts of Europe, a legal provision, which graduates allows the DBA to run the Dr. title.”

However, not in this country. “In Switzerland there is no legal provision,” writes the BfS spokesperson. That’s right – the title is not protected. Therefore, the Director is Ulrich and Professor Peter threaten any legal problems.

What are the advantages of have drawn the wrong Dr. from your title? Both the Federal personnel office and the affected groups, it means that there is no rule that a title has a direct impact on Position or salary.

– against better knowledge –

But, no one in Switzerland knows what is a DBA. He who called instead, Dr., gaining Prestige, has been in negotiations for the Position and pay better cards. The incentive seems clear.

And how bad the situation is now? The instructions for how titles are handled by the Swiss Universities was, until recently, in fact, misleading. That explains some confusion in the matter.

Since the VIEW in the past few days, however, Ulrich and Peter has asked if you want to ride despite the clear facts of the situation as in the past, that is no excuse. The Dr. title you wear well, although this has no legitimacy.