longest day of the year, creating the world’s first Ferris wheel and the birthday of Viktor Tsoi.

On June 21 we have the summer solstice, when the Earth is almost completely converted to the Northern hemisphere to the Sun. due this maximizes the duration of daylight — it is about 17 hours. June 21 not only is the longest day of the year, but is considered the beginning of summer. From the earliest times peoples from different countries gave the day a magical sense, and held special ceremonies and celebrations. For example, in Russia before the adoption of the Gregorian calendar June 21, celebrated the day of Ivan Kupala.

every year on June 21, the world celebrated the international day of yoga, which was established by resolution of the UN General Assembly in 2014. The initiative to establish this day was made by Prime Minister Narendra modi, who is also available for this date, which coincides with the summer solstice, which for Hindus is a symbolic expression. when setting up the occasion, representatives of the UN emphasized that yoga helps to overcome stress, reduces aggression and fosters mutual respect, leading to peace on the planet.

473 years ago, in 1547, in Moscow, a huge fire, which killed more than 2.5 thousand people. According to legend, the disaster was foreseen by Saint Basil the Blessed, which before the fire came to the exaltation of the cross monastery and there prayed for a long time. It is believed that on the spot and the fire broke out the next day.

From fire severely damaged the Kremlin, China town and a great part of town. In addition to the huge number of deaths, thousands of people were left homeless.

in addition, the first hand pumps to extinguish fires.

June 21, 1893 at the world exhibition in Chicago, the young engineer from Illinois George Ferris was presented the world’s first Ferris wheel, also known as “Ferris wheel”. Wheel diameter was 75 meters and a weight of about 2 thousand tons. The Ferris wheel had 36 cabins, which could accommodate 60 people (20 seated and 40 standing). For one round, which at the time lasted about 20 minutes in the ride could ride 2160 passengers.

Despite the fact that the first machine “to order” worked in the capital back from the 1907 official opening date of the regular taxamt��REGO movement is considered to be June 21, 1925. the First taxi in Moscow were 16 cars “Renault” and later the ranks of taxis was added to the “Ford” and “Fiats”. With the development of the automotive industry in Russia, cars were replaced by domestic models — “GAS A” and “M-1”.

June 21, 1948 was a truly revolutionary event for the music industry. Recording company “Columbia Records” released the first vinyl records, each side of which it was possible to record 23 minutes of music. They have replaced heavy and fragile discs that contained only one song on each side.

June 21, 1962, was born the legendary Soviet rock musician singer, guitarist, songwriter, actor, founder and soloist of the cult group “Kino” Viktor Tsoi. Tsoi Musical career began in the summer of 1981, when, together with Alexei Rybin and Oleg Valinskiy they created the group “Garin and hyperboloids”.

From 1981 to 1990 the band recorded nine albums. During this time, Choi also managed to appear in films, including the acclaimed “AssA” and “Needle”. August 15, 1990 at the age of 28 years, Victor Tsoi was killed in a car accident on the road near Riga. Now there is a monument.